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    HSR Engineer Experienced

    Profesional Dompu

    The position is a twelve-months contract under outsourcing company and works on a 4/2 FIFO roster. The successful candidate will work in Hu’u Project site, in Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara.

    Purpose of the Role:
    The HSR Engineer Experienced’s primary function is responsible for develop and improve the safety management system including implementing and evaluate risk management and occupational health & safety programs at the workplace to align with the project’s growth & need. Strong in communication, problem-solving, risk assessment, training and coaching.


    • Promote a positive health and safety culture in the workplace, ensuring that employers and workers comply with safety legislation and that safety policies and practices are adopted and adhered to.
    • Develop, maintain, and improve the implementation of applicable safety management systems in the project site such as Vale Production System (VPS), Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan Pertambangan (SMKP), Critical Activity Requirement (RAC) to align with the growth & need of the project and develop, maintain, and improve the contractor safety management system (CSMS) implementation.
    • Ensure the delivery of Occupational Health and Safety Management System Audits on the Hu’u Project and develop Action Plans in conjunction with stakeholders to address deficiencies identified during the audit process.
    • Assist to lead & coordinate the HSR team member at day-to-day operation at the Hu’u Project Site under the HSR Manager’s supervision & coordination, and act as a focal point of the HSR Department at the project site if the OHS Analyst Senior is not in at the project site.
    • Ensure the implementation of risk assessments process for the Hu’u Project (project-wide and task-specific, as required) with an emphasis on outlining practical controls that will reduce the impact, frequency, and severity of risks, includes updating the documents associated with risk assessment process such as HIRAC, SWP, MoC, and another important document. Ensure the implementation of Regular Safety Meeting with STM staff and contractors to review health and safety performance, issues, plans and critical requirements.
    • Undertake regular site visits, safety behavior observation and inspections of operational sites and work areas to identify opportunities for improvement, corrective actions and to work with contractors to facilitate improvements. Ensure the implementation of investigations of unplanned events or significant near-misses and report the finding of investigations to relevant stakeholders.
    • Facilitate the Fatality Prevention Sub-Committee / Safety Steering Committee for the Hu’u Project and manage the minutes, actions, and risks to senior management.
    • Ensure the occupational health & safety document, record and report are developed, maintained, updated, and provided to the associated parties.
    • Support the Health Safety & Risk Manager to maintaining effective risk management, compliance standards and, in so doing, protect people, company assets and reputation.
    • Support the KTT & KTPB with regulatory reporting obligations related to Occupational Health & Safety, Contractors, and Incidents.
    • Foster and support a positive safety culture though a demonstrated commitment to achieving industry best OHS practices on the project.

    How to apply:

    • Please submit your application to: https://bit.ly/HSREngineerExpdSTM2024
    • Closing date (inclusive) on 31 July 2024.
    • Only applicants that meet requirements with complete documents as required above will be notified for the further selection process.
    Minimum bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety or other related background.
    Minimum 3-4 years relevant/similar capacity as site Health and Safety Engineer Experienced.
    Good knowledge and skill in safety management system, including risk management.
    Good communication skills, both written and verbal; presentation skills, include being able to explain concepts concisely and accurately.
    Understanding Project scheduling and forecasting for the project development.
    Good in supervising a work team or contractors, including cooperation and support with each function and other department.
    Agile in handling multiple projects simultaneously.
    Having a Pengawasan Operasional Pratama (POP), and Safety auditor certification will be good.
    Ability in English well both spoken and written.
    About Company
    We are motivated to set a new standard in responsible minerals exploration. With a commitment to technical excellence, exemplary environmental stewardship and proactive stakeholder engagement.
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